My name is Maya and I create content for women to reclaim their calm & happy place. I am a writer and dreamer, nutritional therapist in training and mentor for girls who are recovering from an eating disorder. 

I believe that we all –yes you!- create our own life, and that we have the power to make it exactly as exciting, fulfilling and full of love as we wish.

Sometimes an insight comes to you naturally, enabling you to flip a switch and make a change overnight. Other times you will have to hit some kind of rock bottom before you realise you need change. (I know I had to)

Both are absolutely okay. Yes, rock bottom is okay! 

Everything we go through, we go through for a reason. And if you happen to feel at an ultimate low point right now, I can assure you that one day in the future you will look back at this day and be grateful it happened.

Why I know this? Because I have been there -multiple times.

It is often when we do hit a low point in a certain aspect of our life that our Inner Superwoman comes out. As if she can smell from a mile away that we need a little nudge to believe in ourselves again! 

Ever been desperate and scared and alone, only to find a force within you that makes you stand up straighter than you ever did before? That's her! 

But that Superwoman is within you every single day and my dream is to help you harness her power to get out of your slump and work towards your dream life.


my story

Throughout my childhood I was never a kid that enjoyed food: it was a nuisance that interrupted play time. When I started uni at 17, I felt alone and confused and not-fitting-in. So I stopped eating. Because that would make it all better. (newsflash: it didn't)

For over six years I struggled with my 'Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified' (anorexia, bulimia) and all-encompassing food obsession. I was anxious & insecure about the field of study I had chosen and felt lonely & restless pretty much whenever I was not on my parents sofa reading a book. On top of that my mood would literally swing round as many as ten times a day, which was incredibly exhausting.

Running and a regular yoga practice helped me tremendously. Both gave me something else to focus on, and yoga specifically challenged me to do the inner work. Still, I believed that managing my eating disorder would be the best I would ever be able to do; that recovery just wasn't a thing. 

Enter plant-based eating. 

Cutting animal products from my diet made my mind click.

At this point I had already dabbled with gratitude and self-love for a while, and mostly respected my body enough to no longer actively harm it. But I still thought & worried about food all. the. time. 

I switched to a high carb vegan diet (primarily, I do love my peanut butter & tahini & Oreos you guys) and vowed to stop restricting my calories; to stop restricting my calories and to start eating vegetables, starches, fruit, bread, pasta, cookies & cake (literally all the good things in life) until both my body and my mind were completely satisfied. 

I was terrified I would gain weight. I mean... unlimited eating?! But I decided my health was more important and I stuck with it. 

I am ever so grateful that I did, because letting go of the fear of overeating completely changed my relationship with food.

It freed my mind and helped me find balance after nearly a decade of constant stress. Let me tell you once loud & clear: RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. IT IS! If I can do it, so can you!


Today I still eat a mostly low fat plant-based diet and I never ever ever count calories. I get most of my energy from carbohydrates because carbs are fuel and eating lots of them makes me feel my best! But at the same time fats don't scare me in the slightest: I have peanut butter on my porridge, consider avocado a food group and won't fuss when I eat out multiple times a week. (all the sides of fries! hehe)

When I am not writing about happiness, mental health and nutrition, I am likely reading or practicing yoga. I am studying to be a certified Nutritional Therapist and will hopefully qualify as a yoga teacher this year. 

Recently I have also started mentoring girls who are recovering from an eating disorder, which has become one of my favourite things in the world (and which I definitely plan on doing more of in the future!). Their strength is super inspiring and I am eternally grateful that they allow me to walk a part of their recovery path alongside them.