Maya J. Heart

Hello gorgeous! I want you to feel good about yourself. 

Are you unsatisfied creatively? Do you feel unattractive, unsexy? Allround uncomfortable in your own skin? 

Do you have an all-or-nothing attitude? 

Do you end your weekends feeling guilty? Are Mondays for fresh starts? Do you curse yourself for your lack of willpower? 

Do you often feel agitated or overwhelmed, without being able to say why? 

Do you think you'd be happy if only... [enter goal that requires you to eat less chocolate, drink less wine and spend less time in bed]? 

Yes? I feel you babe.


Hi, I'm Maya

I am an eating disorder survivor, recovering perfectionist, and a mentor for women struggling with food and/or body image issues. When I turned my back on my disordered eating habits, I vowed to myself to chase after anything that makes me feel calm, radiant, and gloriously female. 

I want to help you feel the same; I know that you can shine so bright. 

Sometimes an insight comes to you naturally, enabling you to flip a switch and make a change overnight. Other times you may have to hit rock bottom before you realise you need change. If you are there now: I feel you, it's okay. It wasn't until I hit my ultimate low point that I realised I was strong. If I hadn't been so desperate and scared and alone I might have never learnt. 

I advocate for fierce self-reflection and responsibility taking. I think that knowing who you are and actively structuring your life around this is key to being able to lean into your happiness. This is an ongoing journey, as who you are changes every single day. I tend to gravitate towards journaling, reading & yoga to check in with myself -aimlessly wandering around town rolls in as a close fourth. But really anything that inspires you to turn inwards and feel into your soul a little can create magic. 

I am a writer first, and always will be. My deepest desire is to write stories that make you feel understood, connected. Because I truly believe that in the end we are the same, you & I (and everyone else). By sharing heartfelt experiences, I hope to speak to other ladies that struggle with self-image, food and girl/womanhood.

Rally around. You’re not alone. 

Personal Mission Statement

Be creative daily. Write more. Believe in miracles, take responsibility and exist loudly. Honour your dreams. Remember that overwhelm means that what you’re doing matters. Consume less, create more.
Meditate, stretch, drink red wine and run further. Make time to be alone, and never lose sight of the important stuff: love, magic, and kindness.

Fun Facts

Amsterdam is home. London and the English countryside share second place. And the ocean, because it mesmerizes me; my parents used to joke that I must have salt water running through my veins.

I eat a 99% vegan diet and my favourite foods are peanut butter and sweet potatoes and chocolate ice-cream and pizza and hummus and avocado and freshly baked bread and mango and rice and burritos and soy beans and Sriracha sauce. 

My favourite books are: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (#1 always & forever). The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. Just Kids by Patti Smith. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.



My morning routine is slow & lengthy. Ideally I give myself a full 90 minutes before leaving the house or starting the day. I journal, I stretch, I make coffee & read something inspiring. I eat breakfast. Which leaves me with a rushed 15 minutes to shower and get ready to leave the house. 

My self-care practice consists of a lot of yoga, journaling & solitude. I'm wildly introverted and as much as I love to go dancing, I need time by myself to recharge afterwards. It's taken me years to accept the latter, but I'm a much happier person since I have. 

My favourite times of day are dusk & dawn. I love the quiet. I feel most productive at sunrise, yet most creative under the moon: my eternal dilemma is whether to go to sleep late or get up early. 

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