The Brave exchange podcast & why you should listen to it

I am not a seasoned podcast listener. I quite enjoyed Serial, but it took me 1.5yrs to get through the first season. 

I get distracted easily, 'kay? 

About two weeks ago I was giving Kayla Itsines' BBG another go (I hate it and have since vowed to never try again), meaning I had to go outside to do LISS. For some unknown reason I decided to listen to a podcast during my walk/run. 

The sun was out and it was the first day of 2016 that was more spring than winter (don't you just love that day!?). The perfect time for a love story to commence... 

breaking the cycle of convention and redefining success one brave mission at a time.
Each episode pulls back the curtain on success to reveal what it really takes to create an extraordinary and heart-centred existence.
How to grow and escalate your life after failure; and how to inject more meaning, connection and resilience into your life and business.

Two weeks later I am listening to Lucy Bourchier and her guests during commutes, while I do my cooking and on every single walk around town. I dread the day I finish the last episode. 

your people are out there

Before stepping outside I recall briefly listening to the first episode with Dr. Laurence Tham. It was interesting, but not interesting enough for me to finish the episode (told you I have the distraction span of a puppy). 

However, Lucy & LT did mention one thing that stuck: when listening to a podcast, you feel like you really get to know & connect with the speakers.

This being the first episode I listened to I was like 'sure whatever.' Two weeks later I want to frantically nod my head and scream 'Hell Yes!' 

If you live in a large & crowded town like me, chances are making new friends is not the easiest: everyone is busy and broke and tired constantly. Plus, there are so many people out there, how do you find the ones you click with? 

Hearing Lucy talk to all those women who are passionate about all the things I am passionate about has made me super aware that my people are out there. I trust again. And even though I haven't found a bunch of spiritually aware vegans in London just yet, believing that they are out there makes me feel so much better. 

Are you feeling lost or stuck? 

In that case go and give The Brave Exchange a listen. Do it! Have a read through the titles, pick one that speaks to you and I'm sure that after an hour you will buzz with creative inspiration again and have the faith in your own glorious potential restored! 

my favourite episodes (so far!)

By now I have an iPhone full of notes & thoughts that were inspired by The Brave Exchange, but these four episodes stuck with me most. The best thing? Almost all of these ladies have an online presence of their own, so there is no reason to be sad after the their episode with Lucy finishes.  (ps. I am listening to the podcast in a completely random order, so there are many episodes in between 4 and 22 that I haven't heard yet and that are most likely equally awesome)

#4 with CLAIRE BAKER - This was the first full episode I listened to and I can only say that I love Claire. She is a coach & mentor to upcoming coaches, and she's given me heaps of ideas about how to set myself up for coaching when the time comes. She also talks about feeling good and doing your own thing... all in all she's just a total babe! Thank god she runs her own blog, This is Lifeblood, so after listening to the episode you can just head straight over and soak up more positivity. 

#21 with KATIE DALEBOUTwomen that talk about wellness, body image, love & passion. What's not to love? Katie is recovered from an eating disorder and her story feels very similar to mine. She fell for the health food movement even though she wasn't particularly unhealthy, and from there everything spiralled for her. In the episode Lucy & Katie really get into the issue of body image which I found super interesting. Katie is in the process of releasing her first book: Let It Go. The book is on the transformative powers of one of my favourite things: journaling. Needless to say I will definitely be getting myself a copy once it hits stores. 

#22 with DR EZZIE SPENCERI already touched upon feminine power and yin/yang energy in my previous blog, but really you should listen to the whole episode. If you regularly feel out of touch with what's going on with you it might just hit home for you the way it did for me.

#2 with JESS LIVELYWrite out a conversation between your Ego & your Intuition. MAGICAL. I am a big big believer in doing what feels good, and I urge everyone I speak to to listen to their gut. Think about it, when was the last time -barring multiple choice test haha- you went with the voice of truth deep inside of you and regretted the decision? Jess teaches this to people all over the world and her devotion to Intuition is truly inspirational!