Hi! I'm Maya. I work to make you feel radiant & healthy: like the beautiful human you are. 



Gratitude & Affirmation practice

I believe that the universe gives us what we ask for. Saying & writing daily affirmations have definitely changed my life. 

Plant based (vegan) nutrition

Ever feel like you are going nuts trying to figure out what is the best way to eat? Let me help you!

I am no recipe-maker, but I do love to cook. Once a month I send out a dinner plan for an entire week, 5 recipes, complete with a groceries list and my personal notes from when I tested them! Eating vegan couldn't be easier. 

Want to know a little more? I'm a nutrition student that get's excited about proper research. Whenever I explain thing I try to cut through the bullshit, explain the science in simple terms and provide references and suggestions for further reading. 

Eating Disorder Mentoring

Having lived through an eating disorder myself, I know how incredibly lonely recovery can be. That's why I am super excited to work with girls and support them through their recovery! 


Experience has shown how valuable it can be to be able to share your story with someone who understands and doesn't judge.

I have been mentoring girls through their recovery for over a year now, and it is one of the most rewarding things! 

Someone who points you in the right direction


your own personal cheerleader, there y it can be. How nice it can be to have your personally cheerleader who understands 

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The Woodhouse in Cherbruke was the perfect vacation home. The service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”

ED Recovery Mentoring

Do you feel like food is your biggest enemy? Do you feel misunderstood? Frustrated and confused? Lonely?

I know.